Aftercare Program

Aftercare begins at 1:45 P.M and ends at 5 P.M.

Those children ages four and under lay down to rest for a bit, while the older boys and girls go outside to play. At three o'clock those younger children still resting get up, the group playing outside comes in, and they all share in story time in the Gnome Classroom. Snack is served at three-thirty, followed by either creative play or an art activity.


With so many children staying for aftercare, however, we approach the maximum number of children we are legally permitted to have in the Gnome room. So, to that end, we ask that parents please sign up the week before if they would like their child to stay after three o'clock - so that our faculty can be properly prepared. If you have signed up for the three o’clock pick up time, we ask that you please make a reasonable (and safe) effort to please arrive on time, and exit once you arrive. When the parents picking up at three o'clock run behind schedule, we end up waiting to bring inside those children remaining in aftercare until five o'clock. Your assistance in this is very much appreciated. It is not our wish that anybody feel unwelcome; our aftercare teachers are trying to support the needs of the little ones waking up from their naps as well as the children who have been outside and are ready to come inside and settle into some quieter activities. Your punctual arrival and timely exit will help the aftercare teachers tremendously. Thanks!