Our Programs

The Morning Meadow Preschool and Kindergarten is a Waldorf early childhood education program. Waldorf education, developed by Rudolf Steiner more that 100 years ago, is based on the natural rhythms of a child's body.

Learning happens through the hands, heart and head: by doing, feeling and discerning instead of by mental repetition and testing. Waldorf philosophy understands innate human wisdom to be the root of intelligence. It emphasizes full mastery of skills at an age appropriate pace, rather than early skills acquisition.


We also strive to cultivate an appreciation for the beauty of the natural environment. Rich, direct experiences of nature are encouraged. Children play outside in all weather in gardens that show the seasons through the changing plant (and sometimes animal) life. Inside our classroom, natural materials are preferred for the room, its furnishings and all toys: these include wood, stone, clay (e.g. pottery), wool, cotton, silk and linen. The emphasis is on working with the materials of nature through planting and harvesting, craft work and creative play.

In short, a Waldorf education is fun, nourishing for the soul and prepares your daughter or son for life's challenges ahead....intellectual, physical and spiritual. For more details on what a Waldorf education is see our Waldorf FAQ.

Here at Morning Meadow, all three of our classrooms (bumblebees, bluebirds, and gnomes) follow the same basic rhythm each day:

  • The day begins with outside playtime for all classrooms starting at 8:30am.


  • After beginning their day with outside playtime, the children wash their hands and head to their specific classroom.
    • The older children, bluebirds and gnomes, participate in either story or circle time.  
      • Circle time consists of nursery rhymes, finger plays, seasonal songs, activities, and healthy imitation. This may include bean bag exercises, jump rope, or eurthymy.  Stories are shared from memory in Waldorf Schools rather than read from a book; this serves to help enliven good listening skills and encourage a healthy imagination.
      • This is followed by a warm snack at the snack table
      • After Snack they begin their creative playtime. 
    • The younger children, bluebirds, enjoy a warm snack followed by engaging in creative and imaginative play with supportive directions from their teacher.


  •  The Artistic Activity of the day follows the indoor creative playtime. The activities are listed below, though the specific schedule for each classroom may be found on Our Classrooms page:
    • Coloring
    • Wet on Wet watercolor painting
    • Modeling with beeswax
    • Bread Baking
    • Sewing
    • Large movements outside, jump top and games
    • Cleaning
    • Cooking


  • The entire school then sits down for lunch at 1p.m.
  • Our School day ends when lunch is over at 1:30pm and Aftercare begins at 1:45pm.